Equipment list:

Digital Angel Mastering - StudioRemember - It's not about the equipment but what you do with it that counts!
You can have the most expensive equipment money can buy, but if you don't learn how to use it properly or know what you are trying to acheive, you won't get anywhere. 

It is far better to learn a few bits of equipment / software inside out than to keep buying the latest plug-ins or expensive outboard gear and not use them correctly.

But for those who are interested....

Main: Focal Solo6 Bes
Reference: Avatone Mix Cubes
Subs: Q Acoustic
Headphones: Sennheiser HD650s 

Mytek Stereo96DAC
SPL 2Control Monitor Controller
Plextor PX-716A / Taiyo Yuden CDRs

Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
Sony Soundforge Pro 11
Spectralayers Pro - Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor

Ableton Live
Plextools Professional

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 - High Quality Linear / Natural Phase Equalizer
FabFilter Pro-C 2 - Professional High Quality Compressor
FabFilter Pro-L 2 - Professional Mastering True Peak Limiter
Samplitude Spectral Editing

Samplitude High End Mastering Plugins
Samplitude Cleaning and Restoration Suite
Samplitude Vintage Effects Suite
Samplitude Essential Fx suite
Samplitude Encoder preview (MP3, AAC)
PSP Old Timer ME, Old Timer
PSP Vintage Warmer 2, Vintage Warmer and Micro Warmer
Klanghelm DC8C2 Advanced Compressor
Hofa IQ - Analyser
Hofa CD - Burn and DDP
Klanghelm MJUC Variable-Tube Compressor
iZotope Mastering and Repair Suite

iZotope MBIT+ Dither, 64-BIT SRC 

Waves Center Stereo
Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor
Waves Renaissance Compressor
Sony Audio Restoration and Noise Reduction Tools
Various other VST / Direct-X Plug ins

Acoustic Treatment:
GIK Acoustics
Q Acoustic Subs